Hoppe Copy

Who I Am

My name is Paul Christopher Hoppe. That rhymes with copy. I’m an author of poker books and fiction. I also write and ghostwrite articles and web content on a variety of subjects. When I find the time, I teach martial arts and yoga, play guitar and poker, and watch movies, television shows and sports. I was forged in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City.

My writing business grew out of my career as a professional poker player. I started writing articles and posts about poker and life in 2009, and then got my first book published in 2010.  I quickly began collaborating and ghostwriting, and released several more books over the following years.

What I Do

I like to write and edit copy. It’s hard to write compelling words without taking some joy in the process. I enjoy what I do, so a lot of the time the writing process is easy. But even when the work is hard, good writing sounds easy. It usually sounds like speech. Let’s call it conversational, shall we?

My process is simple. You tell me what you need and I tell you how much it will cost. You give me the details and I shape them into an outline, mold them into words, then buff and polish those words. You give my work a read and we discuss any changes you’d like to see. I make the necessary modifications, give it a final shine, and you’ve got your words to sell your product, your idea, your soul or whatever.

What I Charge

I enjoy writing. I also enjoy eating. So I have rates for my services. Each type of writing comes with a range of prices. The exact cost will depend on the size and difficulty of your project. If a particular project offers some ancillary benefits like karma points, publicity or free Wimbledon tickets, I might charge less. I require a 50% deposit to get started, with the balance payable upon satisfactory completion of the work.

Below is a table of writing, editing, copy-editing and proofreading ballpark figures for common projects. If you have a writing project that’s not listed, that doesn’t mean I’m not interested. All of my rates include the services of my personal proofreader, copy-editor and research assistant. If you have pre-written copy and are looking to have it proofread and copy-edited, we can take care of that for you. Contact me at giantbuddha@gmail.com to get a quote for any project.

$500 to $2500
$150 to $750
$100 to $500
$50 to $250
$50 to $300
$15 to $90
$10 to $60
$10 to $30
$100 to $500
$30 to $150
$20 to $100
$10 to $50
Blog post
$50 to $150
$15 to $
$10 to $30
$10 to $20
$300 to $1000
$90 to $300
$60 to $200
$30 to $100
Advertising copy
$200 to $1000
$60 to $300
$40 to $200
$20 to $100
Email or direct mail copy
$300 to $500
$90 to $150
$60 to $100
$30 to $100
Video script
$60 per minute
$30 per minute
$20 per minute
$10 per minute
$500 to $3000
$150 to $900
$100 to $600
$50 to $300
$3000 to $10000
$900 to $3000
$600 to $2000
$300 to $1000